Setting Expectations

Our Initial and Ongoing Meetings

You can expect to be the center of my attention when it comes to establishing a long-term plan and setting up realistic goals.  You can also expect that I will respect my role as your advocate, deliver a high level of care, and provide full disclosure at the front end of the relationship in terms of what I will do, how I will do it, how I price my services, and how often I expect to communicate with you.  Furthermore, you will be made aware of the vast resources of my firm and the many capabilities and services that will be available to you throughout the relationship.

I work hard to stay in contact with all my clients and will periodically ask if an updated review is appropriate.  I also ask my clients to reach out to me whenever there may be a life-changing event, such as the loss of a family member, divorce, sale of a business, entry into convalescent care, etc.