My Process

My clients primarily consist of individuals and families that have been associated with family-run businesses, professional services, and local industries. 


Establishing Our Relationship
I will first ask important questions regarding your time horizon, risk tolerance, investment objectives, family, and more.  I will also gather information on all of your current investments, income sources, and budgets.


Developing Your Plan
Once I have evaluated your information, I will take advantage of Stifel’s robust financial planning and advisory platform to develop and present a comprehensive plan and investment strategy dedicated to you.

During the investment selection process, I leverage Stifel’s nationally recognized research and other trusted third-party resources to seek out investments that are most suitable for your strategy and overall situation.  


Adapting To Your Life
Each year, I will update your investment plan to stay current with your changing life and the evolving markets.  We will also meet periodically to review your plan and potentially rebalance your portfolio.

Rebalancing may have tax consequences.  You should consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.